Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wednesday Cake Bunting: Perfectly Ghoulish!

It's finally available! Named after the solemn little Addams girl, 'Wednesday' cake bunting is the perfect addition to your delightfully spooky Halloween fest.

Made of vintage flags in pumpkin and black, sewn with black thread and topped with black baker's twine. 

Click HERE to buy!


  1. Lovely! Are these cakes on the photos you decorate with your buntings real?

  2. Hi Mami Made It!

    YES, they are all real cakes! This one was a four-layer yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.

    I am considering send cake and frosting recipes with each cake bunting!


  3. Cool! The cakes look delicious! Guess your family and friends are looking forward every new bunting you make. Cause this means you need a new cake to take pictures with ;)


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