Monday, January 10, 2011

Kiki La Ru Cake Bunting Makes Kids Happy! :)

Just look at the happy face on this kid!
Penelope's mother Erin did such a wonderful job making this birthday cake amazingly beautiful.
The rest of the party set-up looks equally fabulous!

Erin, who has a lovely blog and etsy shop, chose the Kiki La Ru design called Kylie.

Drop by the shop to see this and many other Kiki La Ru cake buntings.

Happy New Year!!


  1. what a darling way to make a birthday cake even more special!

  2. Your cake bunting inspired me to make some bunting of my own!

    I also think that mini bunting could look fun in a floral arrangement!

  3. Hey Dawn! You sent me the pink and brown bunting in January and I wanted you to know I just posted pics of the shower so feel free to check them out! You did such a great job and it added the perfect touch to the cake that we needed! :) Thank you so so much for your generosity! I had no idea you were in another country until we got the package1 You crazy lady! Too sweet!

    ps you package everything PERFECTLY! Touche'!


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